Welcome to Alexander Technique in action. My name is Chris Crow and I teach using the Interactive Teaching Method, ITM®.  I am based in Pentyrch, to the north of Cardiff.

Are you aiming at improved performance in a leisure or work activity, seeking relief from aches, stresses and strains, or looking for a general sense of positive well being?

Then ITM Alexander Technique lessons may be for you.

ITM Alexander Technique Lessons

I offer both individual and group lessons.  Students work with me on their chosen activities; in a group students have their own turn and also discover how much can be learnt from observing and thinking about other people’s lessons.  There is always time for questions and laughter!

First lessons, which are 30 minutes longer at no extra charge, begin with an introductory presentation and then I use gentle hands on guidance to help you find ease and balance in everyday activities, such as sitting or walking.

You can apply immediately the key concepts learned. They may help you to experience improved mental and physical performance.

Lesson options and prices

One-to-one lessons

Duration 40-45 minutes, cost £30
Duration 55-60 minutes, cost £40

Group lesson - bring your friends

Group lessons cost £30 per person, the length of the lesson depending on the number of people in the group.

Introductory lessons

The first (introductory) lesson will be 30 minutes longer at no extra charge.

Booking a course of lessons

New students who book a course of 8 lessons or more will receive a free copy of Don Weed's book "Reach Your Dreams", an introduction to the ITM Alexander Technique.


  1.  Introduction to the ITM Alexander Technique – exploring basic principles and concepts in theory and practice, using “Reach Your Dreams” as the study text. (10 weeks)
  2. Further study of the ITM Alexander Technique - using "What You Think Is What You Get" as the study text..
  3. An adventure in personal development using the ideas, tools and skills of the ITM approach to the teaching of the work of F M Alexander - study text "Escape From The Monkey Trap".

Talks, Presentations and Larger Groups

For larger groups, talks and presentations please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Contact Me

Email: c.crow@btinternet.com
mobile: 07738 684783
phone: 029 2089 0907


Links & Resources

The Main ITM Website

Interactive Teaching Method for the Alexander Technique provides information on the ITM approach to the AT, workshops, training courses and a list of currently active ITM teachers by country.

Fellow ITM Teachers:-

Jennifer Mackerras Bristol

Nicola Dobiecka Edinburgh

Karen Evans Ashby de la Zouch

Oliver Lee Cirencester

Veronica Pollard Bristol


Other resources:-

www.alexandertechnique.com has everything you always wanted to know about the Alexander Technique in all its forms, all on one enormous, but helpful and easy to use, site. Includes articles, research into A.T. and related topics, and an exceptionally large number of links.

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